What not to do with your Facebook profile

Anyone who follows me knows I do a lot of Facebook prospecting and I mean a lot. When you have seen as many profiles as I have you start to see which profiles stand out more than others. Many new and untrained network marketers often are guilty of the following offences.

For this post I will call the below “Facebook Profile Offences”

1. Spamming their profile pages with links for their business opportunity.

2. Putting a picture of their business opportunity logo in their cover picture.

3. Failing to include anything such as a picture of themselves in the profile.

4. All of the above and naming their profile “Earn Money”.

The whole purpose of the Facebook is to talk about you and only you.

Really good examples of good profiles include Mike Dillard and Frank Kern. You will see pictures and personal stuff and not one reference to their business.

Why is this so important?

Well experienced leaders in the network marketing industry and people you are prospecting always check your profile out when you message them. The slightest sign of a Facebook Profile offence and these people run a mile. It is important to impress the right people when building your business.

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