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Hello, my name is…Dan Adlington.

Rock & Roll 1-1Some boys when they’re young have dreams of becoming a baseball player or a fireman. When I was a youngster, I wanted to be a rock & roller.

Now, I know that you’re an entrepreneur in the home-based business industry and right about now you’re asking yourself, “What in the world does this have to do with my business?”

Well, I’m about to tell you.

The Purpose of This Page

Before I tell you exactly what my career in music has to do with my career in business, I’ll tell you what I’m not going to talk about.

I’m not going to go into detail about my corporate job that was killing me with long hours and received zero appreciation.

I’m not going to tell you that my field became some competitive that my options to do better financially were dwindling faster than and blink of an eye.

And, I’m certainly not go into detail of what led up me to run back home to “Mommy” and “Daddy” because I was broke.

The purpose of this page is to follow your dreams.

Today, I’m going to show you how I’m able to stay in a field that is my first love (music) because of what I do in the world of home based business.

When we’re young, there’s a glorious time where the world is our playground. We have our whole lives ahead of us and all is possible.

So, we dream big about everything. And at some point, we start to take those dreams a bit more seriously because we start to discover our talents and our passion. We start focusing on getting better. Then the time comes where we start to believe this dream can become a reality. Maybe it can even become our livelihood.  Imagine that, getting paid to do what we love? We start working toward becoming a fireman, a dancer, a professional athlete but then something happens…

When Dreams Start To Die…

What happens is REAL LIFE!

For some, dreams do become someone’s real life. But for the majority of us, “real life” means making real decisions we don’t want to make. And we make those decisions that take us away from our dreams because we become adults. We have to grow up. We have real bills to pay and people who depend on us like a young family or sick parents.

This is what happened to me.

I have to tell you, I was very good at music.

I picked-up my first guitar at 14 years of age.  I practiced every day.  I even had a few bands along the way but when I was 19, that’s when I hooked up with my first serious band.  And we were good… really good!  We were truly dedicated and got booked all over town (these were the days you had to do shows to get discovered and not simply upload a video to YouTube).

Rock & Roll 2-1

Rock & Roll 3-1

And in case you’re wondering that is me in the picture.

Can you guess which one I am?

If you can’t then don’t worry, I know I’ve changed a lot!

But here’s the problem…

When you get older, it takes money to make your dreams come true.

You have to pay the rent. You have to eat. Heck, you have to have gas in the tank just to get to the gigs. And as passionate as I was, as talented as we were, as much momentum as we had… I was an adult and I had to start making some practical decisions.  Those decisions forced me to stop pursuing my dream.

What Happened Next?

I had to get a real job. And I found one in computers. One thing led to another and I found myself in the corporate industry doing IT.

Now, I did say that I stopped pursuing my dreams – and it’s true.

Although I was still playing, I wasn’t doing it on my terms nor was I doing it the way you need to in order to get discovered.   Instead of writing, producing and performing my own music, I was in cover bands doing weekend wedding gigs on the side.  So this was my life.  But then, life always throws another curveball when you least expect it.

My field started getting into the “outsourcing business.”  This meant that any positions in my field were fiercely competitive.  There was also very little room for advancement and if you know how corporate businesses work, their bottom line is the only thing that counts.  That meant that the rug could be pulled out from underneath me at any time.

I did not want to make this my life just to have it betray me. And that’s when I joined the home-based business industry. I figured that if “business” is to be my life and not music the way I wanted to do it, if “business” is going to shatter my dream and take away my one true love, then I’m going to take advantage of it as much as possible.

My New Career as the Boss

Although I was still working my day job, there was a part of my day where I was the boss!  The great thing about that is that you answer to no one.

The downside to that is when the chips are down and you’re drowning in debt with no revenue coming in, you feel very alone!  And unfortunately, I had A LOT OF ALONE TIME!!!

After twiddling my thumbs, I poured all of my money into learning how to do it “my way.”  It was this that helped turn things around.  I can’t describe the feeling when you get your first online sale.  It’s a feeling that you’ll never forget!

The reason I’m sharing my story with you is because I want to let you know that dreams do come true.

Due to what I’ve learned and accomplished in my home business, the risks I’ve taken and through the connections that I’ve made, I’m no longer doing weekend wedding gigs.  Nor am I in cover bands playing the music of great legends.  I now have my own studio where I produce my own music as well as work on other various projects.  And I help entrepreneurs like you on the side!

Audio Vine Pic 2(1)

I’m not here to recruit you into a business or turn you into an entrepreneur. I’m here to help you realize your true dream.

I’m living proof that this industry, with the right direction can give you 2 of the most important things in life and I’m not talking about money.

It gives you;

The freedom to do what you want…

The freedom to choose what not to do…

If you’re a dreamer like me, and don’t want to give up then register for my course “Secrets To Selling Prospects.”  It’s absolutely free and could be the very thing that helps you give you back your chance to live out your dreams.

Your friend,

Dan Adlington

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