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Leads for network marketingSo you have just joined a company and now you need leads for network marketing.   Now you want to learn how to get leads for Network Marketing.

No doubt you are probably experiencing or about to experience the dreaded information overload.    Passive marketing,  active marketing, PPC, SEO and social media are probably terms you have heard but don’t really understand.

There are also services who claim they can recruit for you, customer lists, direct mailing services,  the list goes on.

You are probably wondering where you are supposed to get started.   All this information can be very confusing.

Today I will assume you will be leveraging the internet for building your network marketing business.

I believe it’s important to understand the bigger picture when it comes to building your online presence.

The ultimate goal to get leads for network marketing is achieved through attraction marketing.

Something that a lot of Network Marketing gurus fail to tell you is your team will tend to do what you do.   So it is important to be actively inspiring and leading your team.   No better way to do this than simply recruiting and prospecting.

Effective team building isn’t the topic of this post but I think  you get the general idea.

So returning to the topic of leads for network marketing it is very important that you recruit people yourself rather than hiring a service or company to do the recruiting for you.

Many of these so called recruiting services fail to deliver or the person they recruit for you leaves only after a few months.   As you can imagine this can be a very costly and frustrating experience.

Also the it’s a myth that this approach to building your business works for duplication.   If you aren’t familiar with this term it means the people you recruit bring more people into the business themselves.

When it comes to getting leads for Network marketing it is important to understand your are promoting yourself.    You need to market yourself as the expert and the leader who can take them to where they want to go.

Having a home base on the internet such as a blog and social media presence can be very powerful in creating an impression.    As in the world of Network Marketing first impressions count in a big way.

One of the most important things you have to have to be successful on the internet is your email list.   These people are your audience who have actively shown an interest in receiving content from you.

So to list the key points we have covered here are the dos and don’ts for getting leads for network marketing.

  1. Avoid recruiting services
  2. Create a Home base on the internet such as a Blog.
  3. Build a social media presence.
  4. Market yourself as the expert.
  5. Build a list of subscribers

Everything you ever do on the internet to get leads for MLM is to build your list and maintain your relationship with that list.   This is the soul purpose of your blog and free giveaway.

What I have shared with you here is the foundation of getting leads for network marketing.

When done correctly it is possible to get Free Network Marketing Leads from organic traffic to your blog.   But bare in mind whatever you save in money you pay for in time.

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