Freddie Flintoff has his first Professional Boxing match tonight

Freddie Flintoff is an ex England international Cricketer who at the age of 34 decided to start a career in professional boxing. I know boxing isn’t for everyone and I totally understand. For those who are boxing fans it can be a very entertaining, inspiring, brutal and thrilling sport.

Tonight he will be fighting Richard Dawson who is a novice American fighter 11 years younger that Freddie.

There is a lot of speculation as to whether Freddie Flintoff should have been given a boxing license bearing in mind he has only been training for 4 and a half months. His trainer Barry Mcguigan assures us he has had over 300 sparing sessions and been training 12 sessions a week.

He as ready as he will ever be for tonights boxing match.

What does this have to do with becoming an Entrepreneur? Well that is a very good question. Boxing is my sport and I started training beginning of October 2011. I know how physically demanding and brutal the sport is and the hard work you have to put into training.

In October 2011 I decided to join my Local Sports Center Reebok in London and began boxing training with Steven G.   I really needed something in my life I could work towards that fulfilled my fitness interests and would take my mind off the situation with my business.

My training was perfect for taking my mind off the state of my life.

It became my project. I would train hard, read about the sport and watch a lot of Youtube videos of Fighters I admired.

As time went on and I began sparring I could feel my body and character changing. When I returned to my business I was no longer depressed about the lack of success. I was now fueled with a massive desire and passion for success. This was the same energy I felt when I was sparring and wanted to win.

I thought some of my Sparring Bouts were a metaphore for how I was tackling my business. My peformance in my first sparring matches were not that good but over time I learnt how to move, defend and pick my punches. When faced with oponents bigger than me I would bob, weave and evade their attacks making use of my agility. At the same time I became a lot more stategic and focused on how I targetted prospects with my business. I began to get sales.

Not sure I recommend people with failing businesses to take up boxing. My point is to accept that building your business will be a struggle at first. Everything worth while in life takes effort, ability to accept failure and good decision making skills. If you aren’t prepared to accept that then you are better suited to a J.O.B. or winning the lottery.

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