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Facebook TipsIf you are looking for Facebook tips you have come to the right place.   I know I don’t need to tell you how big Facebook is as a social media platform and how important it is for you business.  By now you have probably heard it from everywhere.

What we are going to do today is talk about the mistakes people are making when trying to build their MLM even today.

There is a keyword you always need to work by when building your MLM on facebook.   Curiosity.

Some of your might consider these as Facebook Tips for Beginners.  But you will surprised how many people have been trying to build their business for years still don’t do what I am about to show you.

So let’s get started on my Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips #1:  Your name

Think about this.   If you speak to someone on Facebook what do you think they believe the first thing you are going to talk about is when your Facebook name is Stevie LoadsSaMoney.   They are going to run a mile because they know the first thing you are going to talk about is your business opportunity.

Also what curiosity does a name like Stevie LoadSaMoney create.   Absolutely none and really comes across as a joke.   Believe me people still do it!!

When naming your profile just use your normal name.   Remember people need to be able to relate to you.

Facebook Tips #2: Never post pictures of your Opportunity logo or products in your Profile

Again people seeing advertising for your business opportunity on your profile is a massive no no.   Anyone seeing this straight away knows what you are about and what your agenda is.   Also what message about you does it send out to people viewing your profile.   You are all business.

Any leaders in the industry straight away knows this practice is very amateurish.    So take those pictures down now.

Facebook Tips #3: Good profile Picture

All too often I have seen profile pictures of peoples dogs and even celebrities.   Remember in real life when people meet you for the first time they see you.   So it is recommended to have a good quality picture of you smiling as if you are about to shake their hand.

This if very effective for building a connection to your profile visitor and may be even a great friend for the future.

Facebook Tips #4: Posting on another person’s timeline.

If your goal was to alienate yourself from everyone on Facebook posting direct to their Timeline is the way to do it.   If is generally considered very intrusive and very effective at making people very angry with you.

When promoting your business never post to the timeline.

Facebook Tips #5: Have an interesting Cover Picture on profile

Having an interesting cover picture is a great way of making your profile more inviting.   Also if you update it regularly you will get likes or comments.   As soon as someone likes, comments or shares it’s a great opportunity to start talking to them.

After all the goal of your Facebook profile is to connect to people right?

Facebook Tips #6: Post something interesting on your Timeline to get likes, comments and shares

The first thing people see when they arrive on your profile is your posts.    So make them entertaining and interesting.    You can post quotes, Videos and jokes.   Post pictures of you having fun.

The main goal is for people to be entertained and for them to also relate to you.   It is very effective for creating that feeling of curiosity we talked about at the beginning of this post.

These Facebook Tips for Business will help you create an interesting and attractive Facebook profile.    I will cover more Facebook Tips and Tricks another time.

Facebook tips

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I hope you found these Facebook tips useful for building your business.

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