Are you ready for the Visalus challenge?

When you have been online for a while you see stuff come and go. Companies that stick around and get people talking are always the most interesting to watch. One of those interesting and exciting companies is Visalus.

Visalus are in the Health and fitness niche. 

They have a board range of weight loss and body building products.  The quality is second to none.

Something else that makes them special is their core values.

1. Be inspired. Be inspiring.
2. Build trust through collaboration.
3. Be a good teacher and a better student.
4. Think like an entrepreneur; be resourceful.
5. Challenge yourself.
6. Seek simplicity.

Any company that has core values such as these and sticks by them from the very beginning is always impressive. You need to seriously consider alining yourself with a company like this. The number of companies that change their compensation plans and their message all the time are a nightmare to promote and build a downline for.

What I also like about Visalus is their sense of community. This is something I believe in very strongly. When you have a company which is fundamentally about self improvement and self development a community spirit is an absolutle must.

From my experience the people in Visalus have a powerful, youthful energy and passion which is simply infectious.

So why haven’t I joined them then?

OK even though Visalus are an excellent company there is a downside. If you are currently in other opportunities and wish to join Visalus you will have to stop promoting them.

In my case I am with several companies which I actively promote. These companies provide a primary income for me and I have too much time and money invested in them to simply walk away.

Massive shame as I think this is a sticking point that is easily fixed with Visalus.   But the company owners are sticking by their decision.   All I can do is respect their decision and walk away.

But is it possible to make money in Visalus?

I am well aware of a lot of amazing and powerful success stories in Visalus. One of those success stories is Jim Wertz.

Jim Wertz was introduced to Visalus by his daughter. She was able to build a 6 figure income in 20 months. Jim Wertz followed his daughter’s example and was able to retire from his own Land scaping business in 9 months.

I was blown away by the success that was achieved in such a short space of time.

If Visalus interests you I firmly believe Jim Wertz is the person you need to join with. His level of skill and knowledge will be the key element in you finding success with probably one of the best companies in the Health and Fitness Network Marketing niche.

To get started in Visalus with Jim Wertz click here.

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  1. Jim Wertz
    8 months ago

    Checkout what my friend from the UK, had to say in his blog post. He is an amazing individual who helps and coaches people worldwide. He is a true heart driven leader!


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