5 Social Media Recruiting Strategies

Social Media RecruitingWhen it comes to social media recruiting a lot of people get it very wrong.

So the main question here is “What is Social Recruiting?”.

Social media recruiting is leveraging the social media networks to build a following,  customer base and network marketing team.

If you have tried this before and didn’t get the results you hoped for the main reason for this is you were probably coming from self, self , self and advertising perspective rather than a relationship building one.

So if this is the case why implement a Social Media Recruiting Strategy at all right?

Well it doesn’t have to be like that if you know what you are doing.

If you are coming from the perspective of recruiting for your Network Marketing business social media recruiting can give you a massive advantage.   Social Media’s main focus is exactly what the first word in the description tells us.

It’s a social experience.

People use Social Media to talk with friends and meet new people and enjoy themselves.   In theory Social media recruiting and Network marketing are the perfect marriage as the foundation of Network Marketing is a relationship based one.

What I want to share with you are Social Media Recruiting Best Practices that can really help you build a business leveraging the internet.

Social Media Recruiting Strategy

1. Remove any images or references to your company from your profile and page.

2. Create value based posts and videos with useful information to help people.

3. When talking to people on Social Media think relationship first business second.

4. Never ever spam or lead with your company.

5. Vary your posts with quotes, funny pictures and amusing videos (Think entertain value).

The main goal here is to create curiosity about what you do.

The above will take time to implement as this approach takes persistence and dedication.   As anyone who is successful in the network marketing space knows success takes time.  But when it arrives it’s an amazing feeling.

These Social Media Recruiting Ideas are very basic at there heart but for anyone wanting to be successful with social media you need to understand the environment you are operating in.

Social Media

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I hope you found these tips for Social Media Recruiting useful.

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