5 Reasons to use a facebook page to build your business.

If you have a Facebook profile on facebook but need to use it for facebook you are missing out. Facebook have already addressed people’s business requirements for promotion and communication. They call the business side of Facebook a facebook Page.


From here you can build your brand promoting your posts and landing pages.

Here are 5 strong reasons to have a Facebook page:

1. Designed for the business owner

Facebook pages are designed specifically with the business owner in mind. You can monitor your reach and interaction with your Facebook page fans. If someone likes your page it has the same impact as friending someone on facebook. Your posts show up on their status updates and you can pay to increase your Facebook page edgerank. You can not do this with a Facebook profile.

2. Building relationships

Facebook is growing all the time and has revolutionised how we use the internet. Facebook pages are perfect for building relationships with prospects and in some cases it the perfect partnership with a mailing list. People get to interact with you in realtime. You can build that Know, like and trust element which is so importance for business today.

3. Easy to maintain

Maintaining a relationship with your Facebook page fans can be easier than running a blog. The Facebook page posts can be significantly shorter than blog posts and can be more effective in building relationships. You can get feedback in realtime.

4. Makes your business approachable

When your customers can easily contact you it is easier to build a relationship with your prospects and customers. This approachability factor can make you more appealing to your future customers. Facebook pages are the perfect tool for communication between you are your customer base.

5. Costs nothing to setup

Facebook pages cost nothing to setup and nothing to maintain. When you consider owning a website or advertising space. Facebook is the perfect tool for getting you message out there. Please note if you choose to you can invest a small amount of money in Facebook page promotion but you don’t have to do so.

Bonus reasons

I would like to share 2 additional reasons to build a Facebook Page.

6. Learn about your target audience.

Once you have your fans interacting on your Facebook page you are now in an excellent position to learn more about them. You can take note of the responses to your commentsand adjust your marketing and product creation accordingly.

7.  Build a community

The social aspect of Facebook makes it perfect for making people feel part of something. The more effective you are at creating a sense of community on Facebook the stronger chance you have of building a successful business.

As you can see here Facebook pages are a very effective marketing tool and will compliment your business very well. Once it is in place you will wonder how you survived without it before.

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