Are You A Newbie Marketer, Making The Same Mistakes Over and Over Again, Struggling To Find Answers?

If you are, look no further... 

Here are the answers to the top 20 most important questions asked by online entrepreneurs.  Never be left wondering again...

"I have your answers right here!

Did you know that 97% of Online Entrepreneurs Fail Because They Don't Have The Right Answers?  Here's Why You Will Never Have To Worry About This Again!

Hi Friend,

My name is Dan Adlington and I am a successful, guitar playing, online entrepreneur from the UK! 

Today I have a very important message for you that I am going to keep short and sweet.

If you are failing online right now, it's simply because you are missing critical information that puts together the pieces of the online "puzzle." 

In the next few minutes, I am going to show you how my simple product is going to change your experience, answer many of your most pressing business questions and put you a path that will cut your learning curve in half by the time you are done reading the book!

The Problem...

Here's the plain truth. 

When you are starting out, no one knows where to begin. 

This in itself wouldn't be a huge issue if you didn't have the daunting task of having to sort through mounds of irrelevant information to get real answers. 

You see the problem is, we are constantly bombarded with the new and latest information/software that claims to be the "key" to building a successful business.  And because we are so determined to create success, we fall for it. 

We buy things, spend a lot of money and at the end of the day, it doesn't help. 

What I want to provide for you today is the critical information you need to see the larger picture (and ultimately succeed!)  Remember, you cannot plan properly if you don't have the "end" in mind. 

The key to success is understanding what components make up a successful business and my promise to you is that you are going to get this and more from my simple product!

Your Golden Ticket: Unlocking The Secret To The Online Marketing Puzzle...

Look, I know how difficult getting this internet marketing thing going can be.

I was once like you. 

I had dreams and aspiration so I accepted the challenge to build an online empire but I struggled...

I bought everything I could get my hands on and STILL couldn't crack the code

It was frustrating, at times embarrassing and lonely. 

You see I didn't have mentors that I could bounce my ideas off of.  I had the very difficult task of piecing it together alone, but I was one of the lucky ones!  I figured it out.

Unfortunately, many times before it all comes together, a person has lost enough heart (and money) that eventually they quit.  I see this time and again and I don't want this to happen to you.

The sad part is, the answer is very simple.  You need the proper source who will provide you with clear, detailed and correct informationNot all the superflous BS that is going around, but actionable, real life solutions that work.

Have you ever thought:

"If only I could get the answers to my most important business questions online, I could make this work!"

Well, I have compiled the top 20 most asked questions that my peers and I have come across from newbie marketers struggling to make it online. 

These unanswered questions often make or break the budding online entrepreneur. 

And though the questions might seem surprisingly simple, the lessons these questions answer takes years to learn when figuring it out on your own.

 "20 Most Important Business Questions You Have Always Wanted To Ask A Guru but Never Could, Until Now!"

  1. Top 20 Questions: The answers to these questions provide a fundamental understanding of how online business works.  Sadly, most people never have a clue what a successful online business looks like - no wonder there is a 97% failure rate in this industry!
  2. No BS: You are going to get the truth from my product.  The simple, straightforward and glorious truth without any frills.  Finally discover what really works.
  3. Breathe of Fresh Air: You're not going to get a product that doesn't deliver on it's promise. This product will contain answers that are vital to the success of your business. 

Take A Look At This...

Do you think you and your business would be in a better place if you knew the answers to questions such as:

  • How do I grow my business with no funds or on a very limited shoestring budget?
  • I have heard that the money is in the list.  How do I grow a list?
  • How important is a list?
  • Can you actually get quality prospects through Craigslist? If so how?
  • How do I pick the right opportunity for my strengths and weaknesses?
  • I’m an introvert. Can I still make money in a people oriented industry?
  • How can I build a full-time income with my opportunity working it only part-time?
  • Is it better to buy leads or generate leads?
  • How do I generate leads?  What type of marketing does that involve?
  • How do I deal with skeptical people?  People are always saying "No" to me.

Trust me, knowing the answers to these questions can make or break a business.  Ask yourself this:  Have you ever asked yourself one of the above questions?  Could you benefit from even one of these answers?  If the answer is "YES" then do yourself a favor and put your business in a place of profit by picking up this straightforward, no-nonsense account of what you really need to succeed.

Now, I would normally be selling this "golden ticket" for $47+ but because I believe a dedicated entrepreneur who is struggling deserves a break, for the next 24 hours, this 6 figure content book, is only $7!

If you have ever had any questions about what to do, the answers are here for you!

Only for the next 24 hours, this 6 figure content book, is only $7!

It's All About Value...

I truly believe in providing people with value.

I truly believe that having an online business is doable and adds tremendous value in terms of earning power, leverage and time freedom.

I truly believe that everyone who wants the opportunity for the above should be given the chance.

You see the problem in todays online world is the overwhelm that people experience when they navigate the "puzzle" of online marketing. There are too many choices and too little "real" instruction.

I want to change that.

For those who order in the next 24 hours, I will give you a FREE 20 minute session with me to go over your business, and questions. Once you get through my product and your consultation, you will be equipped like never before to finally make money online!

You have nothing to lose except years off your learning curve...

With the "20 Most Important Business Questions (You Have Always Wanted To Ask A Guru But Never Had A Chance To)" you will get answers and finally results! 

These answers will demystify the internet puzzle and put you in a position to start earning money NOW. 

Cut your learning curve in half and for the buyers who purchase over the next 24 hours, you will get a free 20 minute consultation to take your business to the next level. 

You'll never get a more powerful and economical package anywhere else!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your website's conversion rate or revenues over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Dan Adlington

P.S.: It wasn't that long ago when I was struggling. Most of the time I felt like I had no one to talk to and bounce ideas off of. It took me years of trial and error to figure this all out. You don't have to have that same experience. I promise you, all backed with a money back guarantee that if this product doesn't shave years off your learning curve, then contact me for a full refund.

If you have ever had any questions about what to do, the answers are here for you!

Only for the next 24 hours, this 6 figure content book, is only $7!

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