Traffic, Blogging and List Building

I want to share with the most important three things an online marketer needs to have to be successful on the internet.  These three things have been responsible for generating millions of dollars of sales for top marketers on the internet.

Believe it or not they are all co-dependent on each other.

They are

1. Traffic

2. An email list

3. A blog

If you have been around internet marketing for a while you will be familiar with them. But I want to discuss how you can get the above setup quickly and easily without too much cost.

You can get traffic from a variety of different sources but my personal favourite traffic methods are



Video PPC


Each traffic method requires a little time to learn how to use but are very powerful for getting large amounts of targetted or qualified traffic.

Next is List Building. You have heard the money is in the list. Well that is true to a curtain extent. What is the most important is the relationship with the list. But that is for another training session.

The reason to build a list are

1. You own it and you have 100% access to it.

2. The individuals who joined your list did so out of choice. It’s permission based so this gives you authority.

3. You are perceived as the expert.

4. Email can be used to drive engagement on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

5. Easy to track

6. Ability to track engagement and sales.

As I think you can see having a list is very important for building your business.

Next up is Blogging.

There is a lot of information on Blogging across the internet but a lot of new marketer do not grasp the purpose of a blog. A Blog isn’t just an SEO tool. It’s your home base on the internet.

The Benefits to having a blog.

1. Gain Influence

2. Your audience can learn more about you.

3. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

4. Expand your network.

5. Build trust online

6. Control your online identity

7. Quality blog posts can bring SEO traffic.

So what you have here is a simple business model. Anyone can get started with.

So how do I get started with my first blog?

There are a lot of good blogging products and tools on the internet. What I would recommend is getting a hostgator account and setting up a WordPress blog. This is very straight forward to do and Host Gator support are the best in my opinion for hosting questions.

Click Here for Hostgator

Next stage is getting a header which you can have created on Fiverr. So for around $20 you can be setup with you first blog.   Click here for Fiverr

For list hosting I recommend Aweber for their excellent back office dashboard and support. They are well regarded with Internet Service Providers so deliverability is excellent. They have a FREE 30 day trail which will give you plenty of time to get used to using their service.

Click here to get Aweber

In future posts I will talk about traffic and building a relationship with your list. Until then have a good one!!

Secrets of a Millionaire Mind: Why I rate T Harv Eker so highly

I bet you have never heard of T Harv Eker and I can understand why. He isn’t exactly required reading in most schools, colleges and universities.

What I will tell you now is he teaches principles you can seriously benefit from as a new or experienced Entrepreneur.

The main question is….

“What separates successful people and regular people in our society?”.

I know you would probably say education or intelligence.

But surprisingly it’s neither.

If you list the most successful people in the world you would be amazed by the number who are college dropouts. I am not encouraging you to quit studying.

Quite the opposite.

But just be mindful that the education system is very effective at creating employees.   Nothing really wrong with that but it isn’t the right training for entrepreneurs.

The main take away for me after studying Secrets of a Millionaire Mind is getting out of the employee mindset and start thinking strategically. This isn’t easy to do at first especially if you have been an employee for the last 20 years.

You need to be able to systematize everything you do within your business.

The great thing about modern technology is automation.

But remember those emails or followers are actually real people so connecting with them is an essential.

So get yourself on Amazon and get yourself a copy of “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”. There is also a really good extended audio version on Audible.

I recommend getting both.

Read and listen to get the most you can out of it. There is always a new lesson to learn from the book.


If you haven’t already get yourself my FREE 5 part email training course on how to build an effective and profitable business. Get it by clicking here.

How to bring quality people into your business.

So you have been working your business for a while now and you are finding it very difficult to make money. You know your success is heavily dependent on the kind of people you attract. But for some reason you just can’t bring them into your business.

Have you ever thought about the way people perceive you? Think about it for a second.

Consider the way you interact with people on Facebook or everyday life. Do you complain a lot? Do you talk badly about people on social media?

Something you need to be aware of is the internet is written in Ink. What do I mean by that?

Everything you have ever done on the internet is out there somewhere. You videos, your posts and your comments.

Consider for a second the way some people interpret that. Do you think you are going to attracted someone to you because of the way you insulted someone on the internet or complained about your lack of results? No not at all.

It is recommended to model people who are successful and do what they do.    So finding someone you can relate to and modelling their behaviors is a good approach.

In the future think twice about what you are putting out there as it can have a big impact on your business. Ask yourself “Would someone you follow and respect say what you are about to say on social media?”

I am very interested in your success. Consider this. If you were about to go on a long journey you wouldn’t just head out there with no idea where you were going would you? You would take a road map or guide to help you on your journey.   So I have a free simple 5 step process that can help you.

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What not to do with your Facebook profile

Anyone who follows me knows I do a lot of Facebook prospecting and I mean a lot. When you have seen as many profiles as I have you start to see which profiles stand out more than others. Many new and untrained network marketers often are guilty of the following offences.

For this post I will call the below “Facebook Profile Offences”

1. Spamming their profile pages with links for their business opportunity.

2. Putting a picture of their business opportunity logo in their cover picture.

3. Failing to include anything such as a picture of themselves in the profile.

4. All of the above and naming their profile “Earn Money”.

The whole purpose of the Facebook is to talk about you and only you.

Really good examples of good profiles include Mike Dillard and Frank Kern. You will see pictures and personal stuff and not one reference to their business.

Why is this so important?

Well experienced leaders in the network marketing industry and people you are prospecting always check your profile out when you message them. The slightest sign of a Facebook Profile offence and these people run a mile. It is important to impress the right people when building your business.

Creating a Network Marketing business that has direction and duplication

Have you ever taken a step back from your online presence and considered how you are being perceived. Worst still do you have an online presence at all?

I do a lot of Facebook prospecting and one of the things I am fully aware of when people see my message appear in their inbox is people Googling my name. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because if you have created your social media profile correctly they should be able to find out who you are. For this to work make sure you have a Facebook profile and page with information about you and your life so they can get to know you. Remember people buy from people.

What is very important is for them to feel they can do what you are doing. A common problem within the Network Marketing industry is regular people buying into an opportunity and failing to recreate the system and success of the recruiter. You chances of recruiting improve when the prospect can believe they can do what you do.

Another common problem is a disparity between the Network Marketer’s perceived chances of success and implementation of essential components for success. Anyone who has no Network marketing education and a blog with hardly any content on it will have a very slim chance of turning their business into a success.

When prospecting it is important to remember it’s a two way street. You are not looking to recruit anyone into your business. I have often had conversations with people and decided several questions in I would only sell a product to them rather than recruit that person into my opportunity.

If you feel you have what it takes to successfully recruit on Facebook and build a huge team may be the prosperity team is for you.    Click the below button to get started.